Final Year Project for Communication system security.

Communication security Project involving Different ciphers and Diffie Hellman key exchange Algorithms.

Diffie Hellman Key Exchange allows two groups upon sharing a secret numbers and symmetric key though insecure communication channel or medium.

The benefit of using a symmetric key over public key cryptography lies in the fact that encryption of a plaintext message into a ciphertext message and decryption of the ciphertext message back to the original plaintext message happens much faster using a symmetric key.

Three Layer of Security as follows are:

  1. Diffie Hellman exchange Algorithm
  2. Vignere Cipher
  3. Polybius cipher

Very Secure, Complex and confidential system.

Code :

Step 1: Implementation of Diffie Hellman key Exchange Algorithm.

# use Python 3 print function# this code ensures that the print function works the same in Python 2.x and 3.xfrom __future__ import print_function# Variables UsedP = int(input(' Please enter the value of P.'))print('  Thanks for entering the value of P as ' + str(P))g = int(input(' Please enter the value of g.'))print('  Thanks for entering the value of g as ' + str(g))a = int(input(' \n Please enter the value of a.'))b = int(input(' Please enter the value of b.'))# A1 Sends B2 A = g^a mod PA = (g**a) % Pprint( "\n  A1 sends over to B2: " , A )# B2 Sends A1 B = g^b mod PB = (g ** b) % Pprint( "  B2 sends over to A1: " , B )# A1 computes the Shared Secret: S_A1 = B^a mod PA1SharedSecret = (B ** a) % Pprint( "    \n  A1 Shared Secret: ", A1SharedSecret )# B2 computes the Shared Secret: S_B2 = A^b mod PB2SharedSecret = (A**b) % Pprint( "  B2 Shared Secret: ", B2SharedSecret )

Step 2: Vignere Cipher Process

Step 3: Polybius Cipher Process

Step 4: Output (Encrypted)

View Full Project LINK

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